JFLE will shake your body with latest track

Experimental oddpop that’s hard to place.


JFLE is an odd one to place in any genre bracket. His latest track, the five-minute burst of experimental oddpop that is My Body Shook, doesn’t make the task any easier — though it does make it particularly enjoyable to figure out.

Five-minute long tracks can seem a bit daunting to listen to. Luckily, anybody who gives a chance to JFLE will be pleasantly surprised. 90s-enfused rhythms pound consistently in the background while vocals that range from a command to a whimper emotively play with your aural senses, all the while accompanied by synthwork that creates ambience and bubbling electronic sounds that inspire intrigue. It’s a session of musical hypnosis and you can’t help but go under.

But without doubt, the biggest triumph of the track is that it prowls the borders of pop and experimentalism without committing too strongly to either. While this makes it hard to define as anything other than abstract pop, it certainly makes it a fascinating experience.

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