Heartbreak never sounded so cheerful

Avec Sans make heartbreak sound as good as love itself.


If anybody has ever thought that broken hearts only produce music for miserablists, then Avec Sans have just dropped the perfect argument to that idea with Heartbreak Hi.

Heartbreak Hi is the first single from the outfit’s upcoming album which, judging by this single, will be brimming with positive-sounding-but-positively-saddening electropop gems. Heartbreak Hi has a CHVRCHES feel to it, but with a little more of a forward velocity to it that doesn’t flinch or take pause. It’s a relentless charge of bubbling synths and cavernous vocals designed to engulf and sweep, uplifting listeners from any sense of heartbroken sadness with an infectious hook and a vocal that transposes words of sorrow with tones of joy.

Heartbreak Hi is a strangely good experience.

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