Hellberg is on peak form with new single Synchronize

Swedish EDM master continues his run of dope drops.

It’s not often that I hear a track which just engulfs my life for 24 hours of non-stop looping, but so far Swedish EDM maestro Hellberg has done a fantastic job at inducing those moments. Following from the runaway success of last single Slumber Party, Hellberg’s new single Synchronize captures the artist on peak form.

There’s a number of different ways to enjoy Synchronise. First, there’s the beautifully melodious passion that Aaron Richards puts into his vocals – it’s got an extremely good Justin Bieber feel to it, but with less drink and drug habits. He’s got a tone that toes the line between husky bass and fragile treble, delivered in a clear vocal with just the right amount of exhalation. You can’t fault the vocals.

But then there’s the heart and soul of the track where it inevitably all began – the killer instrumentation and production. Special note need be made to that sweet, tender piano intro melody, which feels strangely like a sad Christmas. There aren’t words to describe how this song works by transforming from piano balladry to club banger by way of ascending strings, explicable only through listening to the track.

Hit play below and understand the magic of Hellberg.

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