Haiganoush are unlike anything else

A beautiful blend of contrasting cultures.

With Armenian origins but an English home, Haiganoush were never going to be the creators of straightforward and simple to digest music. However, few may have expected sounds as sublime and varied as Belong to be the outcome.

It opens as it means to go on, with wind instruments that strike a distinctly worldly and individual sound. It is by fault of my own ignorance, perhaps, that I’m not familiar with the specific pipe instrument being used – but this works strongly in the favour of Haiganoush, who can use it to massive effect. Nothing can make an artist stand out uniquely like using an instrument many may be unfamiliar with.

Sure, this may alienate a few listeners who will make assumptions or simply be unable to get beyond that sound. But Haiganoush are an act not designed for such fairweather listeners. Haiganoush require, nay demand, open-minded tastes that can respect the full range of experimentalism on offer.

Cultures don’t combine this beautifully too often.

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