Jack Garratt strips down Fire for Vevo

I like to think of Jack Garratt as being a bit like a badass Ed Sheeran V2. Not just because (by my estimations anyway) if you turned his head upside down he’d look pretty similar, but because his brand of one-man-band is above and beyond the stuff Ed is praised for.

There’s no demonstrating this like his newest music video, which is a live stripped-down performance of hit track Fire for Vevo Lift. With the exception of a few expressionist dancers, Garratt is all on his own in the performance and he absolutely nails it. The feel, the intensity, the build and the euphoric pay-off are just perfect, with the song taking on a new level of brilliance when you can actually see Garratt individually making it come to life.

Tracks this massive shouldn’t be possible from the hands of just one man. Garratt is something else.


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