Fufanu – Ballerina In The Rain (Damon Albarn Remix)

By the sound of it, Gorillaz are back… with help.


You know you’re on to something good when, as opposed to just singing your praises, a musical superstar remixes one of the singles from your debut album shortly after the initial release. Damon Albarn, musical blur and the world’s most famous Gorilla, has just remixed Fufanu‘s recent single Ballerina In The Rain.

The original had an intensely industrial sound that clanged against a loved up vocal that was delivered with a distinctive tone. It was strikingly odd, but simply brilliant. With this remix, Albarn seems to make it feel like a Gorillaz collaboration from around the time of The Fall. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come!

It’s an interesting take on Fufanu’s sound, which works better than you may expect. But, of course, Albarn rarely touches things and turns it to less than solid gold.

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