LarryKoek – Wonderlove

A deep house disco throwback that you will love.


Sometimes a single comes along that is just so much fun to listen to that it almost feels like words really aren’t necessary to explain how good it is. It’s like I should just post a link and let everybody just lose themselves in it instead of reading about it.

Sadly words feel like a bit of an essential so here’s a few words about DJ LarryKoek‘s latest single Wonderlove, with a marvellous vocal from Dawn Penderton. It’s got a heart of soul that feels like a throwback to the early 80s disco scene but with a deep house touch so it doesn’t feel like you should be sprouting an afro and dressing in bright outfits the colour of teletubby vomit.

It’s just an endless succession of hypnotic hooks and brainwashing beats from start to finish, start to finish, start to finish (because you’ll have repeated it at least three times before even noticing). Do yourself a favour and get this all up in your ears.

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