Fufanu – Ballerina In The Rain (Single version)

Alternative rock band mix a special single version of industrial stomper.


At the tail end of last year, industrial alt-rockers Fufanu dropped their debut album, Few More Days To Go, and it was a roundhouse kick of pleasant discordance and interesting alternative music. But shining through the industrial bruising was Ballerina In The Rain, which put an odd contrast of lovelorn and vulnerable lyrics to the fuzzy industrialism the band excel at.

Well, good news! It’s not only been dropped as a single, but it’s also been revisited with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs‘ Nick Zinner on hand to give it a brand new feel. It’s also got backing vocals from Icelandic DJ flugvel og geimskip (which I/Google believe translates into DJ Plane and Spaceship), to give a gentler touch to parts of what is otherwise a brutally intense track.

As a single, it’s flawless. Not only does it highlight the power and fury of Fufanu (even in a space where emotions and vulnerability are lyrically on show), but it also doesn’t steal any of the thunder from the album itself. It’s an alternate version, specially mixed to be a single. It’s an interesting approach, which personally I haven’t seen happen in at least ten years, but one which more bands should consider. It makes a single feel special, and not simply like a teaser clip for a feature length release.

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