Stop Thief x Cut Snake – Echo

Trap remix breathes life into club-ready single.


We’re big fans of Cut Snake, particularly with latest track Echo. It’s a real sweet chilled out club hit that goes down well, but there’s always been a nagging feeling that it could go down a bit better. There felt like a discomfort somewhere between the vocal and the beat, as if the vocal had a life in it that it couldn’t fully live in the company of the instrumentation. It was a little bit like a crumbling marriage.

In this scenario, Stop Thief‘s remix is the engimatic and interesting hunk that steals away the heart of the track and allows the vocal to finally live the life it is capable of. Energised with sampling to create new hooks, the vocal happily sits atop a bed of hot trap stylings and muscular rhythms that come together to create a dizzying sweaty mass of incredibly enjoyable music. Phewww.

A lot of remixes have come about since Cut Snake first dropped Echo, but Stop Thief’s is easily the one that stands out strongest. The vocal is, for the most part, unaltered. This is the beat and style that the vocal was waiting for, and now that the two have finally been united we can all dance happily ever after.

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