Video: Bassman75 – Don’t Judge Me (Fast Life)

Bassman75’s new video for Don’t Judge Me is glitzy and confident – but that’s okay.


RnB rap star Bassman75 has just dropped the glitzy video to his latest hook-heavy single Don’t Judge Me (Fast Life).

Fans of Pitbull will absolutely love this, which should give a basic premise as to what the single sounds like. It opens with a typical pop vocal sample hook, which doesn’t really reveal too much about what Bassman himself is really like. It almost made me dismiss him as a generic pop act… he’s anything but.

Just wait until the first verse kicks in and you’ll be easily impressed by Bassman’s rapping abilities, going hard at a brutal speed without overwhelming the track. The voice itself may not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s got an unusual charm to it – deep, gritty, and loaded with bass.

It pays to make note that, while the song may just feel like another run-of-the-mill RnB track that showcases a confident case of hip hop lifestyle, the track takes on a whole new feel when you consider Bassman himself. The artist turned to music after a near-death experience, so tracks such as this don’t feel contrived or strained. It feels natural, as if Bassman means every syllable of his “live now, live happy” message.

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