Vennu Mallesh revisited

It’s been three years since we last spoke to YouTube sensation Vennu Mallesh. This is long overdue.


Three years ago today something magical happened: we spoke to musician and Youtube superstar Vennu Mallesh. It was a great interview, discussing his breakout hit It’s My Life (Whatever I Wanna Do) shortly after the release of follow up single Wish U Enjoy New Year.

To celebrate three years since one of our most wildly successful interviews since the publication started in 2012, we get deep with the man, the myth, the legend, himself.
Hi Vennu, it’s been an amazing three years since we last spoke to you. What have you been doing in that time?

Yes, it’s great to talk to you again! As you’ll know, I made a couple of videos in the three years. My musical version of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge got an amazing response. But I’ve also been working on a couple of ideas…

Recently you said that someone had stolen your heart. Can I ask who it is?

Of course! A girl has stolen my heart. Her name is Shraddha, and we are getting married soon.

You seem to have slowed down a little bit on the uploads to your YouTube channel – why?

That’s true. It’s because I’m working on a film, “VAADHI“, which I’m planning to start filming in 2016. I’ve been completely focussed on the film, so can’t find time to make new videos.

Have you got any new releases coming up soon?

Only the film, which I’m planning in Telugu and in English. Nothing new for music just yet.

Could you tell me a bit about your film?

It’s called VAADHI. I’m writing the story, screenplay and music myself. I’ll also be acting in the lead role and directing it. It’s very full-on.

Have you thought about performing your music live for audiences around the world?

I can’t say yes at this stage, but there’s the possibility it could happen. Right now I’m not interested in a world tour or live performances.

What is the future like for you?

My future will be fantastic. ‘Plan your future by learning from your past, and enjoy the present with a smile’. That’s my style, and I always do.

Are you still true liar? How can I believe any of your answers?

A liar just tells lies, but never tells that he is a liar. Believing my responses is up to you, but I always speak from my heart.



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