Ritual – From The Wilderness To The City Remix EP

A midnight stroll through the R&B sounds of the suburbs.


Not too long ago we hyped up RITUAL‘s EP-leading track Low Season, because it was a damn fine way to shoot a fresh dose of life into a recently-released track. Well now we’ve got the rest of the From The Wilderness To The City remix EP to talk about – and it is worth talking about.

Part of the magic of the EP is that the remixes flow with a coherent sound, while there is no overarching theme between them. The person who remixed each track is different, yet the feel stays the same throughout. It’s a midnight stroll through the R&B sounds of the suburbs, with washes of synth and an unimitable vibe.

Josephine adds a sophisticated edge to the R&B sound, feeling like a middle-of-the-night art club kind of track. The intensity picks up a little bit for the lumbering Instinct before it all blows up with EP climax Too Deep. And as always, each one of the tracks builds on the basis of the original versions to bring a new life to the forefront.

In doing so, RITUAL have established themselves as an act unafraid to take risks. Remixing an EP so close to its initial launch is a bold move which could have backfired on their reputation if it had gone wrong. Luckily, this is nothing but right.

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