Lilith Ai – Riot EP

The rock rebel makes a feminist statement served with acoustic, blues and soul


Imagine a release that successfully blurred lines between soul, blues, rock and punk. Then imagine that it also threw in a little bit of a world music sound too. Sounds almost impossible, doesn’t it?

Well Lilith Ai not just makes this impossible task possible, but she does so in extraordinary fashion while calling for a feminist revolution. Her new EP Riot is the sound of rebellion that doesn’t care too much for musical form so long as the purpose is delivered coherently and effectively.

This leads to a multifaceted sound full of unorthodox transitions, such as from the blues crash of Hang Tough to the street-stirring rock rampage of title track Riot. Yet the whole experience flows unfalteringly from start to finish without it feeling jarring or awkward. It not only accentuates the songwriting prowess of Lilith but also the strength of her message. She is a woman on a mission and she accomplishes it.

The best thing is that her feminism is implicit in the music itself and therefore makes a stronger case for the cause. An overt scream or shout would make Lilith more of a fighter for rights than a spokesperson for a movement, which ultimately feels more beneficial. The real heart of her feminist punk lies in her accompanying book, the Riot Notebook. It’s a fantastic book containing poetry, lyrics and biting illustration that all serve as tribute to the Riot Grrrl movement.

Lilith Ai is a songwriter with a strong statement to make. Her latest EP and book prove she’s more than up to the task.

You can get a hold of the Riot EP here.

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