RITUAL – Low Season Remix

It takes guts to remix your killer R&B track. But it takes talent to make it just as dope.


It’s always pretty neat when an artist follows up a great release with a remix of that great release. Even better when the two are released in pretty short succession and the remix is just as killer as the original.

London-based R&B trio RITUAL dropped their From The City To The Wilderness EP not too long ago, but they’ve already followed it up with a remix EP (easily named From The Wilderness To The City). Low Season happens to be the first track to fully drop from that remix and it’s the definition of dope.

Now, the original was pretty great, but sometimes it takes a remix to really bring out the charm and potential in a track. That’s just the case here. Reimagined in a different structure, with a solid hook and some fantastic vocal work from Raye, it’s actually difficult to draw too much of a comparison to the original. Sure, they share a name, but anybody not in the know might not make the link.

Which is the sign of a great song and, more importantly, a great artist. To reimagine one of your finest tracks to give a different vibe that is still just as good, if not better, isn’t the easiest thing to do. But RITUAL nail it, so they’re definitely worth keeping an eye on. This kind of talent is hard to find.

Also, shout out to Norwegian producer Hasta for the sweet production on the remix.

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