Detritus – Dodgy

Mexican producer’s debut album is less an LP than a long mix


It’s difficult to describe an album as sounding so seamless it could just be one extra long track without it sounding like a deep criticism. Mexican producer Detritus has dropped his debut album Dodgy though and there’s few other ways to describe it.

From Tosser through to Plastered, it’s hard to tell wheere one track ends and another begins. This isn’t a bad thing though. It’s not some kind of Status Quo situation where every track seems derivative of one another. Dodgy is a journey through Meru Mana’s maze of Future Garage, house and dub-infused techno which never feels like it’s getting boring or that there is a real cause for pause.

The album flows seamlessly, so instead of twelve tracks brought together under a banner it’s much more fitting to think of it as one progressive mix that a tracklisting drove wedges into. The track titles feel more like measurements of the music than as distinguished soundscapes.

So how can that be a bad thing? Dodgy fits the bill perfectly of the kind of electronic music you can just stick on and get into without awkward transitions or risk of interruption. It flows flawlessly and, to be honest, you couldn’t ask for anything more in this genre. Detritus’ debut is perfect: give the sequel some guest vocalists and say hello to the next big producer.

You can listen to Detritus’ debut album, and download it for free, here.

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