Actor – Uppercut

A Yin-Yang situation of strength and vulnerability (and that’s just the vocal).


A tender and vulnerable lyric delivered with a mighty vocal creates a strong contradiction that works wonders for a song. It’s rare to across one that does this well, but Actor‘s latest single Uppercut manages to do just this.

Luckily, in the process of doing this it also delivers a beautiful lyric, reinforced by a solid melody, on a pop-prepared instrumental platter. It’s got an oddly Florence & The Machine feel to it at times, but it’s also got a Lorde kind of charm to it at the same. But through all of this it remains uniquely Actor and doesn’t run the risk of mimicry.

What is interesting though is that this song highlights the versatility of Actor herself as a vocalist. The slight haze on the instruments make this feel like it’s firmly in the indie pop camp, but some of Actor’s previous works (notably Feline) fit closer to the upbeat alt-rock sound. For both tracks to work flawlessly is a testmament to Actor’s ability as a vocalist – just in case the strength of delivery wasn’t enough to convince you.

Only one burning question remains at the culmination of Uppercut: why isn’t Actor on mainstream radio yet?

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