Travelers – ‘My Fault’

When folk is too dreary and dreampop is too mainstream, this fills the void.


Too long has the space in between folk and shoegaze been left unchartered. With their latest track ‘My Fault’, Travelers have ventured into the great unexplored by combining rolling folk rhythms with the type of guitar work that would make both Johnny Marr (The Smiths; Modest Mouse; Johnny F*cking Marr) and Joshua Hayward (The Horrors) blush.

To be frank, folk is a genre that lies right on the border of boredom. So to give it an ethereal quality from the dreampop/shoegaze movement isn’t a great leap into the unknown. The outcome was destined to sound – in the very least – acceptable. ‘My Fault’, however, is the most enjoyable folk has sounded in quite some time. It walks the borderline of dreamy and dreary, ending up somewhere delightful.

With a determined vocal that is controlled to veer between the lines of tenderness and strength, the track contains layers of melody working in perfect harmony. The vocals duck and weave around the lead guitar, while the rhythm section rumbles on until the close. It’s the perfect picture of musical layering, with a beautiful result.

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