Hellberg – ‘Slumber Party’

Don’t judge a song by it’s title: this exciting EDM is no snoozefest.


Sometimes tracks just completely fail to live up to their titles. Stockholm-based producer Jonathon Hellberg‘s latest track, ‘Slumber Party’, definitely fits the criteria of that. Energetic, exciting and infectiously fun, it’s anything but a snoozefest.

Fitting then that it’s found a home in the heart of MrSuicideSheep and, more importantly, his recent ‘Taking You Higher #4’ compilation album. If that doesn’t say everything that need be said about the quality of this track, we’ll break it down for you.

It’s fucking great.

Honestly, I sometimes find myself struggling with a lot of dance-oriented tracks. There’s a strong curve of similarity which often runs through a lot of them, offering up tried-and-tested and ultimately repetitive sounds and structures. It’s not very often I find something that is genuinely exciting or moves me in a way that dance music should.

‘Slumber Party’, to its credit, awakens that dormant part of me. The structure is pretty standard, but its use of sounds outside of the core percussion and synths is what makes it stand out in a sea of typicality. Sounds and hooks that are outside the comfort zone of both Hellberg and most emerging electronic artists make this one worth listening to.

This is possibly Stockholm’s most captivating export other than the syndrome. It’s a gloriously uplifting swirl of dance and progressive house that has one clear and contagious intent: to get you up, and to get you moving. If it doesn’t succeed at that, you might want to consult your GP.

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