Magic Castles – ‘She Wore Lilacs In Her Hair’

The spirit of psychedelia is alive and well, and living on in Magic Castles


Good psychedelia is hard to come by as far as new artists go. Sure, there’s Mile Me Deaf, but other than that it’s pretty hard to find some that is good and true to the spirit of psychedelia and not just another nugaze/shoegaze fad band.

Magic Castles fit the bill perfectly in that case. Their latest track ‘She Wore Lilacs In Her Hair’ captures the very soul of sixties psychedelia with a modern blend. It’s a bit like something from Oasis’ last album, but without a vocalist who sounds like he’s singing with a hernia. The vocals here are instead soft and dreamy, disappearing into the mist of treble-rich guitar tones.

This is the key distinction between psychedelia and shoegaze, which is why Magic Castles are more than “just another Horrors tribute“. Psychedelia is more of a journey through the fog and the mist of music, without the dreaded insular isolation that shoegaze can often cause. Magic Castles face no risk of listener encapsulation, with an expansive sound that spreads outwards rather than collapses inwards.

A rich ethereal sound carried by a textured guitar section consisting of both acoustic and electric, steadied by a loose but consistent drum beat and understated bass. It’s the closest you’ll come to the spirit of psychedelia in modern times.

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