Lucy Whittaker – ‘Change Your Mind’

If you thought dance-pop was nothing but throwaway tracks, Lucy Whittaker will change your mind.


A strong percussion and a stronger vocal, Lucy Whittaker’s latest single ‘Change Your Mind’ is a perfectly executed dance-pop track with a modern feel but retro details.

Let’s take the rolling opening of the track, for example. It’s got a real 80’s pop vibe, which smoothly transitions into the contemporary keys and synths of the track’s main body. In a time when retro influences are worn so proudly on the sleeves of musical style, Lucy Whittaker is far more subtle than that. This attention and focus on the finer details of the track’s composition are what make ‘Change Your Mind’ interesting.

As far as pop goes, it’s easy to be formulaic and bland. Of course, to take that approach when you’re an emerging artist can go one of two ways: either you get lucky and people mindlessly enjoy it, or you get dismissed as a generic copycat. So for Lucy Whittaker to take a more detail-oriented approach here is an intelligently self-considerate and self-preserving decision.

The outcome is a solid track, oozing with confidence and grace that are delivered on a beautifully powerful vocal.

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