Lin – ‘U’ve Broken’

Deliciously dark and dizzying

Lin - U've Broken artworkIf you’ve had an urge for something musically undefinable lately, Lin has got you covered with the intense and dark ‘U’ve Broken’. An odd blend of sinister and sensual, it offers a conflict of both male and female vocals and thematical deliveries.

There’s a bubbling darkness which lurks underneath the initial male vocal which disipates in time for the female ending. It’s a strange thing to describe but no stranger than the music itself. The outcome of some deliciously dark minimalistic experimentalism, there’s a swirl of electronic in the mix that adds some nice vocal samples in the latter half of the track. I’ve been a total sucker for effective vocal sampling lately and this delivers beautifully.

More than just hitting me in my soft spot, the vocal samples also serve the key purpose of causing a total perceptive shift. The first half of the track lumbers under the weight of the pressing darkness and has a dirge-like delivery. Cue a stand-out piano melody that is equally haunting and beautiful, meshing together the two worlds of darkness and – I suppose – light in a dizzying blur of brilliance.

It’s everything that shouldn’t really work together, and some may argue doesn’t. It’s very much a sewed together sound with more than a few loose threads that many people may pick at. But for those who enjoy something a little bit out of the ordinary, ‘U’ve Broken’ is infinitely rewarding.

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