Greg Hvnsen – ‘What Would You Have Me Do?’

Chilled out club track

greg hvnsen - what would you have me do artworkThere’s a special place in the hearts of most people reserved for guilty pleasures. Usually it’s either something intensely cheesy or something mindless. Occasionally it’s even Taylor Swift. Shudder.

Producer Greg Hvnsen’s latest track ‘What Would You Have Me Do?’ is a track which hits a grey area, being the right balance of mindless and distinct. Lyrically, it’s nothing special in the slightest – heavy on the repetition, with simple deliveries that are simply there to slip and slide the song to its next post-chorus hook. It’s one of those songs that you enjoy most after a few drinks.

But, it doesn’t fit directly into the mould of “mindless, soulless, DJ-mix club session” track either. Sure, at its core it is that type of track. But around the edges, it’s intensely chilled and offers something that breezily dissolves into the realms of something else. Which is both enjoyable and enfuriating, because lyrically it doesn’t go anywhere in particular.

Of course, Greg Hvnsen is a producer and a good one at that, so this is the type of track that is to be expected. Musically it’s on point but if you’re after something a little bit unexpected then this is one track that is a bit too safe to be anything other than enjoyable guilty pleasure.

But Hvnsen is very capable of doing more than this. A quick listen to his other track ‘L.I.N.E’ shows this straight away. But ‘What Would You Have Me Do’ is a little too safe, a little too mindless and club-oriented to really hit home for me.

What would I have you do, Greg? Deliver the kind of lyricism ‘L.I.N.E’ shows you’re capable of, to the kind of beat we have going on here, and drop that killer track you’re destined to.

Until then, this is still a damn fine guilty pleasure though.

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