Haute – ‘Reciprocity EP’

A coherent pop variation

Haute - 'Reciprocity' EP cover artworkThere are two common approaches to any kind of release that is more than two tracks. You can either bookend the release with killer material, compensating for any quality dips in the middle by providing what is – effectively – a shit sandwich of music. This is the most common for EPs.

On the other hand, there’s EPs that build up to a phenomenal climax and close with their strongest track. This’ll either be by way of beginning with the worst and buidling gradually, or with every other track being of a consistent quality. With Haute’s newest EP, ‘Reciprocity’, they’ve adopted this approach: their closing track, the oddly psychedelia-chilled ‘Holdin’ Me Back’.

That’s not to say that the rest of the EP is substandard or doesnt quite deliver – though it may feel a bit like that on repeated listens when you know what to expect. Every track on here is well-crafted and diverse in its sound – comparing the title track’s chillwave-styled almost Lana Del Rey stylings to the aggressively synthed trip-poppiness of ‘Sound3’ is difficult. But it’s not until the close that Haute really hit their stride.

Turning a variation of soundscapes into a coherent that creates a unified sense of climactic build up is an impressive skill, and it’s one Haute have a knack for. Each track on ‘Reciprocity’ may be enjoyable and well received individually, it’s when the five tracks are put together that the magic happens. It’s a beautiful example of an EP that is more than just a composite collection of tracks – this is a release, in every possible sense of the word.

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