Etham – ‘Cold Love’

Seductively sophisticated hip-hop infused soul

Etham drops seductive single Cold Love
If you’re feeling in the mood for love, get a load of Etham’s latest track ‘Cold Love’. Channeling the spirit of pure seduction through a sophisticated bass groove and a sensational brass sound, Etham’s debut is one of the most developed tracks we’ve heard this year.

While it may open with a bassline that is strongly reminiscent of something from Arctic Monkeys’ ‘AM’ album, it isn’t long until the brass stabs add a showbusiness flair to the sound. This is where you realise that ‘Cold Love’ is something different, and something very special. It’s a rare blend of hip-hop, soul and a pinch of blues that is hard to not find immensely appealing.

Even better, the seductive swagger of the track isn’t disrupted as it erupts into the scorchingly hot and passionately performed squealch of a guitar solo. Etham even managed to work a legitimate classic bues-rock sounding solo into this track without disrupting the contemporary flow. There really is no arguing with the strength of Etham’s songwriting.

It’s not often you get a debut single that you have to repeatedly check is actually a debut because the sound is perfectly developed. But ‘Cold Love’ showcases a special type of sound that is undeniably infectious and mainstream ready.

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