Talking with Exowaves

Not too long ago, we gave a listen to Exowaves’ recent double A-side single “Closest Romantics”/”Side Effects”. The two tracks show off two very different sides of the same swaggering, rock and roll coin: one gentler and almost rock balladry, the other a seductive stormer. But behind the music, who are the band? I spoke to three quarters of the band – Si, Zak and Asa – about who they are and what goes into the massive Exowaves sound.

If you were to imagine that to be in a new band that kicked out big rock belters you’d have to live the lifestyle to the fullest, you’d be both right and wrong. The three are very well grounded, down to Earth and share a mutual passion of mega music and better beer.

The band began last September,” says bassist Si. “Zak (vocalist) was in a band called Ruby Dukes and, when I heard they broke up, I got in touch and invited him to the pub. Zak brought Adam (guitarist) along, and it all began from there.”

Despite such humble and ordinary beginnings, the band’s music is anything but. Exowaves’ brand of ballsy, modern rock and roll is the type of music that is largely absent in the mainstream music charts. As vocalist Zak himself recognises, “music is too nice and conservative at the moment. There’s not much to really pay attention to, it’s too kind.

Really, that’s what our sound is,” says Exowaves’ sticksman, Asa. “Bold and different. You can’t get anywhere by just following what everyone else is doing. You’ve got to put your own little twist on it, as long as you sound good and don’t go too far with it.

“We want to be in your face. We want to make a statement and bring back the balls.”

Still, any fears that the band aren’t being true to their own artistic vision should be immediately dispelled. On the topic of songwriting, the band seldom premeditate where their sound is going to go with each track. This sounds disasterous, like the band are tempting fate by leaving the opportunity for their sound to vary drastically from track to track. That, of course, would be the risk if the band weren’t following their artistic vision. The outcome is releases like their most recent, which show different shades of the same sound coherently.

We chose a double A side single because it’s something a bit different. And it shows different sides of what we can do,” Si says. “‘Side Effects’ is heavier and is a bit like throwing a brick at a window. While ‘Closet Romantic’ is gentler, so it’s where you’re apologising and taking your brick back.

We really just write songs in a very punk rock way, it’s putting things together that sound good and not complicating the chemistry too much. It’s all a team effort and it all comes and flows naturally.”

Zak agrees. “Sometimes I’ll get something in my head and I’ll bring it to the band and we’ll go through it. But if I’m going to bring in an idea, I have to make sure it sounds just right. I can’t bring in something half-hearted, it’s got to be bang on.
Most the time, it sounds completely different when I try to actually play it. Luckily, sometimes it’s a lot better!

Yet despite the success and positive reception to their double A side single, the band aren’t focusing on it too much. As far as they’re concerned it’s onwards, upwards and generally forwards for them. Which, with this attitude and the sound they create, they have big future plans for.

We don’t dwell on what’s come before too much. We’re very forward focused. I think you have to be.” says Zak.

We’re recording a new song soon. It’s going to be ballsy Rock ‘N’ Roll, and it’s called ‘There’s No Fun’. We’re eager to keep things moving forward while the iron’s still hot. We want to be in your face. We want to make a statement and bring back the balls.

Exowaves’ recent AA single, ‘Closest Romantics’/’Side Effects’, is available for purchase now. You can get it here.

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