Watch: Dec3 – ‘Hey Ashley’

Ever got bored and found yourself thinking “I’m a happily married <INSERT GENDER HERE>. But I’m also a bit of an asshole, so I’m going to visit Ashley Madison and cheat on my partner!“. If yes, then here’s a good song for you to listen to while you cry about your account details being leaked.

Dec3 wrote ‘Hey Ashley’ about the ungodly phenomenon that was Ashley Madison and the cybernetic revolution of easy asshole adultery that is created. It’s a chirpy upbeat rock track, with a little bit of a Foo Fighters feel to it. It’s a song that, luckily given the full story of the subject matter, isn’t too lyrically heavy and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s kinda like the “Stacy’s Mom” of website infidelity*.


* Don’t get your hopes up though. There’s nothing especially sexual about the video. Unless you’ve got a thing for mixing desks.

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