Anteros – ‘Anteros’

Indie-pop force of nature with a Metric vibe

I’ve said it before, but didn’t think that I’d need to say it again. It’s a really brave move for an artist or band to release a single, not even an EP/LP, which is self-titled. It takes a lot of skill and craft to make it sound like anything other than self-aggrandising rubbish.

Anteros might be allowed some leeway since the song’s title could, technically, be referencing Anteros of Greek mythology. But we’ll still put them into this dangerous territory.

Regardless, Anteros’ self-titled single is anything but self-aggrandising rubbish. From the simple opening piano notes to the understated instruments that build at a consistently steady pace to indie-tinged musical climax, ‘Anteros’ is a track that borders on anthemic. Which if you’re going to release a self-titled single, that’s pretty much the best you could dream of.

The lightly breezy instrumentation building to glorious crescendo doesn’t bring the single to anthem status alone. A beautiful vocal delivery, later accentuated by rich harmonies, elevate the single. Primary vocalist Laura Hayden has a voice that is as melodiously smooth as it is roaringly powerful and the deliveries here are sp0t on, making you feel like you’re floating through an indie-pop hurricane.

Anteros’ self-titled single manages to be a beautiful force of nature that, with their debut EP in tow, lays a great groundwork for the band to build a colossal career on.

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