Dukes Of New York – ‘Nails’

Urgent post-grunge revival

Dukes of New York’s next single, ‘Nails’, is a rough-and-ready alt-rock extravaganza with blistering guitar tones and vapours of apathy.

While four minutes may seem quite winding for such a post-grunge sounding track, ‘Nails’ manages to make every moment count and not feel too drawn out. It’s got a constant sense of urgency that the guitars create, from searing riffs to rumbling muted rhythms. The result is a track that feels like it’s been lifted from the Foo Fighters’ debut album and repurposed for a female vocalist, in the best possible way.

Vocally, DONY capture a very balanced mix of empassionately powerful vocal deliveries with ones that have little care put into them. It’s a very striking mix of the expected angsty apathy of the genre, with something more pure and straightforward.

It’s a good single to hit you up with your alt-rock fix. If you’re craving something that feels a little bit 90’s post-grunge revivalist, this is what you’re looking for.

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