Video: RAC ft. Nate Henricks – Back Of The Car

We’ll get straight to it: ‘Back Of The Car’ is a pretty great track. It’s got a nice modern feel to it, acoustic led and a nice folk-struck Indie vibe, with a splash of 80’s synths fuzzing away every now and then. Maybe it could be struck for being a little too instantaneous in its attempt for an anthemic refrain, but that’s just personal preference.

But the video? Wow, okay then. That’s worth noting.
It starts well, with a beautiful love story and a solid romantic relationship. And I’m all for watching love stories play out in music videos, it’s usually like watching a Rom-Com but without the judgement because I don’t own a vagina.

This relationship, though, has no reason to work. The blonde woman is a total lovestruck psychopath. As the story plays out, the abstract elements take over an otherwise unassuming situation and it becomes a very engrossing experience.

Relationship goals: one where my love doesn’t go apesh*t if I deliberately trap us in the back of a car for five years…

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