Goddamn Nobody – ‘Stranger Daze’

A strange daze in a psychedelic haze

artworks-000127048345-qyc4nn-t500x500For fans of: Echo & The Bunnymen; The Horrors

When a song is described by the artist as “doo-wop psych jangle”, you realise it’s almost definitely worth listening to. With Goddamn Nobody’s ‘Stranger Daze’, that’s definitely a good assumption to make: this is some damn fine doo-wop psych jangle.

Gorgeously produced to really bring out every nuance of the psychedelic guitar sound, ‘Stranger Daze’ is a shimmering beacon of cynicism. The vocal oozes confidence and biting apathy, making the track a mood map for the disillusioned that is brightened by instrumentation that jangles away the misery that squirms underneath. Rumbling drums roll you along as a veil of guitars distract you into a haze of enjoyment.

‘Stranger Daze’ has just enough of a psychedelic sound to skirt around the shoegaze revival and get to the point of what it’s saying without meandering and wasting time. It’s a song that captivates you in it’s guitar intricacies, but doesn’t trap you. This is a fantastic kind of lo-fi psych, perfect for when you want to fall into a strange daze in a psychedelic haze.

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