New York Tourists – ‘Call’ Review

A glorious contradiction of sounds

PromoImageFor fans of: Queens of The Stone Age; Foals; The Subways

Brutal. Fragile. Intense. Vulnerable. New York Tourists’ latest single ‘Call’ is a track full of glorious contradictions that somehow make sense when you listen to it.

Opening with a high vocal that is swiftly accompanied by a charmingly erratic drum rhythm, New York Tourists waste no time in messing with your perceptions. If you were to listen only to the verses of it, you’d be forgiven for thinking that ‘Call’ was another vulnerable indie gem. A little patience, though, and at the pre-chorus build you realise: damn, this band has power.

With a blistering chorus that powerfully delivers a memorably driven vocal, it’s a complete 180 from where the track began. Soon enough, New York Tourists cycle the sounds round again. It’s like a strange patchwork of contradictory sounds that, together, sound absolutely phenomenal.

‘Call’ is a powerful single that will definitely get your attention. It’s released on October 24, but you can check out the band here.

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