Video: The Struts – ‘Could Have Been Me’

The Struts’ latest video, for single ‘Could Have Been Me’, is the most stereotypical rock and roll thing you’ll see today. It might even be the most stereotypical to emerge this decade.

After a minute of post-debauchery wake up, the song finally begins to play. At which point, you’re treated to the finest in rock and roll coated in a layer of Queen-like flamboyance and with a Strokes-esque guitar vibe. It’s a mish-mash of rock and roll and everything that has come since. This is quite lucky, since otherwise it would be beyond cringey.

Particularly with a video the enfuses rockstar debauchery with a singalong, clapalong glam pseudo-performance. It’s relentlessly wearing thin every rockstar stereotype you can possibly think of, in the space of four and a half minutes. There’s even the hint of boofing, for fuck’s sake.

Luckily for everybody, The Struts manage to balance this all out with a very good track. But it still borders so much on cringiness that this feels like a very hollow victory. Fantastic fashion though.

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