Orange Vision – ‘Dark Around The Eyes’ Review

A new benchmark in Nugaze

PromoImageFor fans of: The Horrors; The Cure; Pulp

Orange Vision’s latest track is the type of shoegaze that, despite all that has been said, is highly enjoyable. It’s another exception to the ‘death of shoegaze, killed by shoegaze’ rule I laid out a while ago. But I’ll still firmly stick to my opinion.

‘Dark Around The Eyes’ is more than just another young band’s awkward attempt at grappling with an underground sound gone mainstream. With a rich layer of reverb and vocals that sound carefree without sounding like they were recorded in a cave, the track offers up a sound that is as much The Jam as it is The Horrors; as much Pulp as it is The Cure.

It’s a track that bends the new wave of shoegaze into a sound that is actually worth hearing. And no more so than the beautiful moment two and a half minutes into the track: a moment where the band knowingly take the shoegaze sound back to it’s stylistic origins. With an eastern tinge, it’s a throwback to pure psychedelia – repackaged as a contemporary shoegaze.

It’s Nugaze, but not as you might know it. Orange Vision’s interpretation of the genre is one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. It doesn’t make me want to change my views on the shoegaze revival, it just gives me a higher benchmark to measure all other artists against.

You can listen to the track below ahead of its release on August 31. But I beg you to go and buy it, to support a band worth supporting.

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