The Fontaines – ‘Your Coat’ Review

A glorious Milennial Indie Throwback

Your coat coverFor fans of: The Libertines; The Assist; Two Door Cinema Club; The Coral

From Pulp to the Arctic Monkeys, there’s something great about music from Sheffield. New band The Fontaines are no exception to this rule, with their new track ‘Your Coat’ being a storming indie summer song.

It’s one that fans of The Libertines, Two Door Cinema Club and early Millenial indie music will go crazy for. Opening with a strikingly funky muted guitar, it grabs your attention from the first note and it’ll hold it for three of the most indie minutes of your day.

The pacing of the track is what makes it the most enjoyable. It’s breezy, with chirpy guitars forming the lead hook of the track, but it has a strong sense of urgency. This is started with the muted guitars and is then propelled forwards by the understated bass brilliance that thumps underneath.

‘Your Coat’ is a throwback to the straightforward guitar-led indie of about a decade ago, luckily in a way that isn’t horrifically dated. It’s urgent, upbeat and – most importantly – fun. It’s also just below.

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