Elephante ft RUMORS – ‘I Want You’ Review

Massive euphoria with seductive vocals

artworks-000121016633-wnqp0d-t500x500For fans of: Alesso; Avicii

Producer Elephante has just dropped his phenomenal new track ‘I Want You’, which features some infectiously seductive vocal work from RUMORS.

When it comes to progressive house, there’s really only a handful of things that matter in a track: mostly, the rhythms and the melody. ‘I Want You’ nails both of these, with a rhythm that sweeps you up and carries you along on a thumping beat that plays support to an intense and energetic melody.

But ‘I Want You’ dials in some electro energy into the mix, and along with this RUMORS’ vocal is perfectly suited. As strong as the synth hook is, it’s RUMORS’ vocals that really make this track as fantastic as it is. RUMORS delivers a vocal that is tonally perfect and that gives a tender seductive edge. The euphoria surrounding it just makes it even more enjoyable.

‘I Want You’ is a massive track and it’s a refreshing break from the (admittedly great) remixes that Elephante frequently offers.

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