Looking For Liam – ‘Take What You Need’ Review

Ambient melody meets raw intensity with great results

artworks-000113405403-2twsto-t500x500For fans of: Incubus; Wolf Alice

Layers of melody underpinned by an alt-rock rawness and purity that furiously erupts with intensity; Looking For Liam’s ‘Take What You Need’ is a single that spins elements of alternative around to create a coherent sound.

It’s a single that rings of echoes of Wolf Alice and Incubus, while still confident in its own identity. ‘Take What You Need’ is melody focused above all else, opening with echoey chambers of sound that then collpase into a rough-around-the-edges instrumentation with ambient lines that skirt around the outside.

This flirtation with ambience is a bit of a curveball from the band, veiling their core of being a typical alternative band. That isn’t to discredit them at all: they do it very, very well. But this ambient addition is what sets them apart from other bands who would also do the alternative sound well. It’s a sign of creativity and innovation, one that serves Looking For Liam well.

‘Take What You Need’ is a single that begs that you hear it while demanding that you listen. It sounds like softcore melodic metal, for fans of alternative rock to enjoy repeatedly.

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