King Kartel – ‘Come At Me Now’ Review

Ballsy Britpop bravado for the gentle generation

PromoImageIf you were one of those people who held/hold on hopelessly to hopes of an Oasis reunion, King Kartel can provide some light relief.

New single ‘Come At Me Now’ is a bold outing with so much rock overdrive, bouncy rhythms and self-assured snarled vocals – basically everything that made Oasis matter in the first place. King Kartel channel the Oasis’ ballsy bravado from start to finish, but especially with the chorus repetition of “come at me now!“. They even follow this with “I’m from a different cloud“, possibly a cheeky reference to Oasis’ ‘Born On A Different Cloud'(?).

B-Side ‘Run’ ramps up the classic rock vibe, opening with a feel of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Gimme Shelter’. Blistering guitars and pounding drums create an apocalyptic soundscape, punctuated with the trademark King Kartel lyrical confidence.

It’s nice to have an emerging alternative to the “anxiety age” of indie rock.

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