Kosoti – ‘Gone Too Far’ Review: ‘An Emotional Acousto-Pop Meltdown’

‘Gone Too Far’, the latest single from Kosoti, is an explosively raw piece of emotional acousto-pop with passionate guitars and glorious vocal harmonies.

It’s a bit of a cliché, if we’re all honest, for acoustic music to have an emotional resonance. There’s stereotypes of people walking around with acoustic guitars being perceived as emotional individuals, and pop music doesn’t do anything to get rid of that stereotype. Kosoti definitely isn’t helping either.

But, when the outcome of this emotion is as powerful as ‘Gone Too Far’, you don’t really mind as much. It’s a passionately powerful track, musically and vocally, with a nice rise/fall structure that amplifies the emotion.

If you can put all your dislike for acoustic music – as reasonable as it might be right now – on hold for a while to check out ‘Gone Too Far’ and its winding soundscape, you definitely won’t regret it.

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