The FIRST Interactive Gigmap: March 13-19 2015

Okay so we said a little while ago that we were working on something cool and wanted YOUR help filling it up.

Well we had a little bit of a response, but not a very big one. Either way, here is what we were working on. Below is our very first Interactive Gigmap.

Just think about it. You wake up tomorrow morning and you think “I’m bored of this mainstream rubbish. I want something new and exciting!“. So you check our site (because, of course you do, where else would you go?) and you find this sweet new band. You’re in love. You want to go and see them, in a totally non-stalker way that won’t result in a restraining order.

Bam. Gig map, with as much new music as your ears can handle. All over the world. UK? US? Netherlands? Doesn’t matter. We got you.


This map has every gig date we were sent for new artists over the next week, with multiple layers for each day of the week. Click on the date you want and it’ll bring up the pinpoints for those gigs – but there’s more! Each pinpoint contains a one-line description of the artist’s sound, a link to their music AND a link to tickets (if available to buy online). Don’t say we don’t spoil you!

Play around with the map below, we know there’s not a lot on it this week (darn), but it’s something we’re eager to continue!


PS. Yes, we know the map descriptions are a little clumped – Google Maps doesn’t accept line breaks. We apologise!

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