Luke Gomm – ‘Do Or Die’ Review

dodHip Hop is something we don’t tend to run a lot of reviews on – partially because we don’t get that much, but also because the submissions we do get are usually pretty bad. Luke Gomm breaks the mold there, with a fresh brand of hip hop that actually sounds great.

Aside from Gomm’s great flow, the instrumentation sets the tone for the track. Big on brass and keys, the music gives an effortlessly cool shine to the track while Gomm’s rapping slides over the top. That idea of being effortlessly cool is what makes this track so good: Gomm doesn’t try to rap too fast and show off his speed. Instead, this track pushes on at a steady pace that oozes coolness and talent.

Of course as good as your flow is, it’s nothing unless you’ve got a strong hook to blow the track to the next level. ‘Do Or Die’ has that, with a chorus that explodes out of the mix and into your face. The only issue with an explosion is that things also get blown together. Here, we face that with the vocals sometimes slipping into the mix with the music and getting a bit lost. If the vocals had a more consistent prescence in the mix here, it’d push it a little bit more. Either way, they’re still mostly clear and this makes the hook effective.

Looking for some new blood on the hip hop scenes that is going to make waves one day? This track from Luke Gomm is a fantastic place to start.


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