Dave McPherson has taken to his Facebook page to ask the advice of his fans – which of his two latest tracks do they prefer, and possibly even which makes it onto his next studio album.

So of course, having nothing better to do, we decided to offer our opinion on his new tracks!


We’ll start with ‘Something Bad’, the first track of his that he links to. The track is a beautiful little acoustic ballad that comes across as a self-deprecating love song. The most striking thing about this track is that it offers a rich melody, both musically and vocally, and it’s of the same lyrical genius that we expect of Dave McPherson.
From start to finish, this song is a strong addition to McPherson’s musical catalogue and is the most anthemic of the two tracks.


‘Take It Slow’ is a more interesting song in terms of it’s structural transitions. It’s got a clear hook riff, which rings into a muted verse and also a big chorus. Unlike ‘Something Bad’, which naturally lends itself to the acoustic format as it’s very chord based, this track may initially seem like it’d be better suited to a studio re-recording with a full band sound.
My only problem with this track, is that it spins off into an odd direction right at the end. At around the 3:11 mark, the track reaches what I feel should be it’s natural end – but then it progresses into a final verse that feels like a bit of a stretch from the rest of the track’s sound, and lyrically it seems to lack the flair of McPherson’s other work.


McPherson has stated that he will be recording two new albums and that, of his new material, “[McPherson’s] ten favourites will be recorded in the studio with a full band and string section. The other will literally be captured on a camping trip in fields, woodland & beaches.

I personally believe that, despite sounding perfect on acoustic, ‘Something Bad’ should be included on the studio album. The track is much stronger than ‘Take It Slow’, and the inclusion of string sections could make the track phenomenal. ‘Take It Slow’ does still work in acoustic, and lyrically it sounds like it could be sung by the light of a campfire (go on, tell me I’m wrong). It’s be much more interesting to see ‘Something Bad’ studio recorded than it would ‘Take It Slow’.

But that is just my opinion! Got a different one? Tell Dave McPherson on his post!


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