Forever Still – ‘Scars’ EP Review



Female-fronted melodic metal, exported straight from Denmark and into your face. Sound good? It should, it’s exactly what makes Forever Still – and their latest EP ‘Scars’ – so mesmerisingly powerful and enjoyable.

It’s not often that you can use the words ferocious and fragile side by side to describe anything, but the opening title track of the ‘Scars’ EP causes you to do just that. Open with a viciously muscular guitar riff, the vocals soon drag in a sense of melodic frailty. By no means a weak voice, but one that is so enriched with emotion that it brings that feeling. But it isn’t long before the vocals erupt into a vicious scream that causes you to re-evaluate everything.

And that’s really what this EP on a whole is about. It’s an EP that breathes new life into familiar spaces, by putting a twist on melodic metal and fraying the edges of the melodies. That’s not to say that the EP never becomes melodic metal in a traditional sense: second track ‘Once Upon A Nightmare’ fits the bill quite nicely, with only a few hints of aggressive vocal tension scattered throughout.

But Forever Still are far too emotive to fit snuggly in any type of vocal genre confines, and that’s what this EP shows. There’s a lot of flirting with the idea of being a melodic metal band, and there is no doubt a lot of beautiful melodies on offer. But the band are more than a genre stereotype, and because of that this EP treads more ground across three tracks than many bands manage in a full album.

Closing track ‘Miss Madness’ ends the EP on a triumphant high, and it’s one that we definitely want to see continued on future releases from this band. We challenge you not to enjoy this EP.

You can listen to and buy the album here.


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