Free From Gravity – ‘Crazy Lady’

The first track from Portsmouth rockers Free From Gravity’s latest EP is a perfect blend of ballsy classic rock and chilled out modern rock, with a few spatterings of indie rock to keep things interesting.

Opening with some spacey guitars that lay out a dramatic and memorable soundscape, it isn’t long before we’re introduced to the scorching classic rock guitars and vocals that hauntingly float across the instrumentation. This is a piece of music that is designed for a lighter-in-the-air reaction.

And this vibe continues through the entirety of ‘Crazy Lady’, including the chorus. After a pre-chorus that sounds like it’s evolved from The Stone Roses’ ‘Ten Storey Love Song’, we’re treated to a chorus that is equal parts singalong and swayalong. It’s a chorus with a bubbling sense of excitement that never infringes on the laid-back feel of the track as a whole. While it sometimes feels like the chorus is about to completely take off and explode into your ears, it never quite does – which is just as well, as an explosive chorus would run the risk of making the song sound like a sowing together of ideas.

But what we have is a very consistent chilled-out rock track that works its way not only into your mind but also onto repeat. It’s a track that will put Free From Gravity on a lot of people’s radars.


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