Crypt Sound & Edwin Mullah – Split EP Review

Imagine a musical equivalent of abstract art that’s incredibly close to just being a mess, that is what new EP ‘Split’ from Crypt Sound and Edwin Mullah is.

Dark and edgy sounds fill all four tracks of this EP. Sporadic drumming that is off-putting yet intriguing and a crashing cymbal that becomes almost threatening by the end of the first track. Each track definitely gives the baffling impression that a group of people have just got together in an empty room and started making whatever noises that come into their incredibly creative minds.

In theory this EP is quite interesting but in reality the outcome almost becomes offensive to the ears, just coming off as noise with no purpose or credible melody. The second track of the EP mostly, sounding like a swarm of bees are about to attack.

‘Oozing Monk’ at least has a comical vibe to it, an incredibly accurate title for what the track actually is. I challenge anyone to produce sounds that would more likely to sound as if a monk was actually ‘oozing’.

One definite highlight of this creation, is that it’s anything but boring. In fact it’s entirely gripping from start to finish, inducing a massive feeling of anticipation of what could possibly happen next. So much so, that by the time the end of the final track comes round, you might actually find yourself enjoying the noise that is ‘Split’, but then probably instantly questioning your life decisions.

Creatively exasperating, I commend the creators of such an abstract EP.


By Samantha Daly

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