The Art Of Amputation – ‘Distorted Pop Song’ Review

Mystically retro, the experimental sounds of The Art of Amputation’s new ‘Distorted Pop Song’ really go back to basics formulaically speaking.

In essence this track is everything that a pop song should be: a repetitive chorus, and melodies that are perfect for humming along to. The only difference is that they’ve added a few… interesting sounds, to say the least.

Influences The Big Pink and The Flaming Lips really shine through in this composition with the slow, drawn out notes making the whole track very chilled and laid back, but it’s clear that the making of this was quite the opposite. With layer after layer of production, everything is so intricately intertwined that, even though each sound is so unique unto itself, they all work and blend so effortlessly together that the outcome really is quite special.

Feeling stressed? Sit down and give this track a listen, you might feel better after.


By Samantha Daly

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