The Assist – ‘The Assist’ Review

It’s a very unusual thing for a band to name a single after itself. EPs and albums, sure, it’s commonplace – but never usually singles. And that’s just the first thing that stands out about The Assist’s newest single.

It’s a move that oozes with self-confidence and boastful self-belief – you know, all that stuff that people will despise bands for unless they can really knock out some top-quality tunes. Luckily, and perhaps annoyingly for some who would love to take shots, ‘The Assist’ is able to pull off the self-confidence.

It’s the usual Assist guitar-driven treatment again, but what else would you expect from a self-titled track? This time, the song’s structure is the most interesting thing – the band turn their back on the usual “big, loud, all-in chorus explosion” philosophy held so dearly by 99% of indie acts, making the chorus more subdued than the rest of the energetic song.

And why exactly do the band subdue the chorus? Simple – because “The Assist are taking over“. This isn’t just some absent-minded chorus used a hook-carrying device, this is a declaration of intent. The self-assured swagger has always been a prominent part of their sound, but now it’s become explicitly obvious.

No surprise, then, that this song saves its balls-to-the-wall rock fest for the outro. It’s a complete instrumental frenzy of an outro, and it’s hard to imagine this song as anything other than the closing number of a triumphant set. With this single, The Assist look like they’re making good on their earlier promise of being “here for the long run, not just today“. And thank the guitar-music gods for that.



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