Deliah – ‘Any Last Words’ Review

In the eye of the guitar-led storm of indie rock emerging from Liverpool, it’s nice to be reintroduced to a glorious alternative. That may be a sweeping general statement, but that doesn’t make the R&B sounds of Deliah (formerly Shell Deliah) any less spectacular.

Fantastic rhythm sections, subtle guitar hooks and smooth soul vocals are in store for anybody lucky enough to choose to listen to Deliah’s new single ‘Any Last Words’. It’s got a very contemporary R&B feel to it, but somewhere in the mix there is an undeniable retro air that makes it feel like more than just a throwaway R&B track. Because it’s not.

It’s effortlessly cool, and has a kind of seductive sophistication about it. And Michelle Harris’ vocals are stunning, naturally melodic and powerful beyond comprehension. It’s a voice that deserves to be heard, because it’s far too good to ignore. And combined with the classy instrumentation of ‘Any Last Words’, it’s a track you would be crazy to miss.

It’s released on September 14. Do yourself a favour and get a hold of it.


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