Cymbals Eat Guitars – ‘Warning’ Review


Cymbals Eat Guitars are a band that have won my heart over multiple times. From their recent track ‘Chamber’ to their amazing humour (if you don’t get the 90’s gag, you’re probably too young), Cymbals Eat Guitars keep finding new ways to win me over. And new track ‘Warning’ is no different.

‘Warning’ establishes Cymbals Eat Guitars as one of the most exciting new acts of recent times. It’s the sound of what would happen if you pumped Death Cab For Cutie full of steroids, and throw in some beefy Grohl-esque drums. It’s a hard-hitting, balls-to-the-wall track that holds melody close to itself as it ferociously sprints into your eardrums.

‘Warning’ is a special type of intense rock sound. In far too many cases, we find that bands will produce hard-hitting tracks that are completely void of melody and are all about the brain-busting sounds.
But ‘Warning’ rings true to a more tuneful intensity; a bit like Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’, with catchy melodies enveloped in a relentless post-punk storm. A nice post-chorus vocal hook instils the pop element in this track, without breaking from the intensity.

If you’re looking for hope of a post-punk return to glory, look no further than ‘Warning’. You can listen to the track below.


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