Paddy Clegg – ‘Dancing Shoes’ Review

When it comes to recent Merseybeat revival artists, Paddy Clegg has got to be at the forefront of the movement. Not only is his acousto-pop sound upbeat and infectious, but he also sounds like Liverpool’s answer to Jake Bugg – except an infinitely better singer.

His upcoming single ‘Dancing Shoes’ shows this as beautifully as any track by the artist. Its got an acoustic-led sound, with some catchy brass hooks and vocal melodies, and it’s straight to the point. A lot of the fear when an artists adds brass to a track is that they’re going to milk it a little too much, and we’ll get some detached brass section dominating the track’s bridge. But not here.

At 2:31, this track is short even for a pop song. But don’t let that put you off – this song is still packed with pop melodies, singalong refrains and energetic bass grooves. It’s a song that will suit you whether you want an upbeat bit of music, a quick singalong or something to have a bit of a fun dance to.


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