Hollie April – ‘Together Alone’ Review


Sometimes a voice is just beautiful and powerful enough that you know adding too much instrumentation to it would only make things worse. Hollie April knows this, and as such ‘Together Alone’ is composed to be a showcase of her amazing vocal talents.

The instrumentation is largely understated, mainly just a simple acoustic guitar line. That said, it does have a couple of explosive lifts that stop the song from becoming too sombre and make it uplifting and inspirational. It’s a song constantly on the rise, with vocals that soar to stellar heights.

And those vocals manage to hold their own against the backdrop of alt-folk sounds. It’s one thing to dominate an acoustic guitar with a vocal, but to sound effortlessly more powerful than a wall of sound is a rare talent. And Hollie April possesses this talent, and a voice to die for.

If you’ve never heard her before, now is a good time to start. ‘Together Alone’ is released on September 22 2014, and if you’re anything like us you’ll fall irreversibly in love with her voice.


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